Commit d462202e authored by Pascal Engélibert's avatar Pascal Engélibert 🚴
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opti(ud): mul instead of adds for creating UD

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......@@ -191,15 +191,14 @@ pub mod pallet {
let total_weight: Weight = 0;
let ud_amount = <CurrentUdStorage<T>>::try_get().expect("corrupted storage");
let mut monetary_mass = <MonetaryMassStorage<T>>::try_get().expect("corrupted storage");
let monetary_mass = <MonetaryMassStorage<T>>::try_get().expect("corrupted storage");
for account_id in T::MembersIds::get() {
T::Currency::deposit_creating(&account_id, ud_amount);
monetary_mass += ud_amount;
Self::write_ud_history(n, account_id, ud_amount);
<MonetaryMassStorage<T>>::put(monetary_mass + ud_amount * members_count);
Self::deposit_event(Event::NewUdCreated(ud_amount, members_count));
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