Commit f64f9f54 authored by Moul's avatar Moul

Try with the upgrade of TypeScript from v3.4.5 to 3.5.3

parent 24177622
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......@@ -5692,9 +5692,9 @@ typescript@2.7.2:
integrity sha512-p5TCYZDAO0m4G344hD+wx/LATebLWZNkkh2asWUFqSsD2OrDNhbAHuSjobrmsUmdzjJjEeZVU9g1h3O6vpstnw==
version "3.4.5"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-YycBxUb49UUhdNMU5aJ7z5Ej2XGmaIBL0x34vZ82fn3hGvD+bgrMrVDpatgz2f7YxUMJxMkbWxJZeAvDxVe7Vw==
version "3.5.3"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-ACzBtm/PhXBDId6a6sDJfroT2pOWt/oOnk4/dElG5G33ZL776N3Y6/6bKZJBFpd+b05F3Ct9qDjMeJmRWtE2/g==
version "3.5.11"
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