Commit 54b34b72 authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs

[mod] indexing : get home directory & make sure duniter not running during indexing

parent f41c438f
......@@ -46,13 +46,10 @@ module.exports = {
cli: [{
name: 'currency-monit [action=start] [host] [port]',
desc: 'Action start : Start duniter with module currency-monit\n'
+'Action indexing : indexing blockchain',
// Disables Duniter node's logs
name: 'currency-monit [start|indexing] [host] [port]',
desc: 'Start duniter with module currency-monit or Indexing blockchain history',
preventIfRunning: true,
logs: false,
onDatabaseExecute: (server, conf, program, params, startServices) => co(function*() {
// currency-monit parameters
const os = require('os');
module.exports = function timestampToDatetime(server, conf, program, params) {
// Get monitDatasPath
const mdb = program.mdb || "duniter_default";
const monitDatasPath = os.homedir() + "/.config/duniter/" + mdb + "/currency-monit/";
console.log('monitDatasPath=%s', monitDatasPath);
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