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Reuse iframe mechanism instead of obscure

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......@@ -8,9 +8,9 @@ Authors: cgeek, galuel
<center id = "license_g1"> [Download License Ğ1 (text format)](../../files/license_g1.txt)</center>
[//]: # (BeginLicense)
<iframe width="100%" height="300px" src="../files/license_g1.txt"></iframe>
[//]: # (EndLicense)
> Once the license is received, read and accepted, the process to become a member of the Ğ1 WoT goes through the creation of an ID (your identifier / nicname) and a pair (private key / public key) [if possible in a secure way] ( The public key becomes an account number that can only be used by the person who owns the private key, which is constructed by another pair (passphrase / password) = private key, which must be carefully kept for oneself.
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- #
import re
def replace(original_file, placeholder_start, placeholder_end,
replace_file, target_file=None):
This function will replace in original_file what is between starting
placeholder and ending placeholder by the
content of replace_file. It will save it as target_file if provided, or
in original_file otherwise.
No backslash must be used in the placeholders except in order to escape
Result will be put in triple backquotes.
:param original_file Source that must be modified:
:param placeholder_start String starting the position to replace:
:param placeholder_start String ending the position to replace:
:param replace_file File to include at placeholder position:
:param target_file Destination where the complete file must be stored.
Facultative, will be replaced by original_file if not provided:
if target_file is None:
target_file = original_file
with open(original_file, 'r') as my_original_file:
original_content =
with open(replace_file, 'r') as my_replace_file:
#we keep placeholders to be able to replay the process several times
replace_content = placeholder_start.replace('\\','') + "\n\n\n" + + "\n\n\n" + placeholder_end.replace('\\','')
regex = placeholder_start + r'(.*)' + placeholder_end
new_content = re.sub(regex, replace_content, original_content, flags=re.DOTALL)
with open(target_file, 'w') as my_target_file:
print("Will start replace")
replace('content/pages/wiki/', '\[//\]: # \(BeginLicense\)', '\[//\]: # \(EndLicense\)', 'content/files/license_g1.txt')
print("Replace completed")
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