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Update windows section of install

There is no Windows version anymore, so this section was outdated.
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# Windows
A _desktop_ version is available for Windows.
1. Go to the [release page]( to get a link to the last stable release. You have to download the file with `.exe` extension.
2. Process the installation by a double-click on the downloaded `.exe` file.
<img src="../../../images/wiki/duniter/install/win_fichier.png" width="591" height="39">
> It may occur that the downloaded file misses the `.exe` extension. This is a Windows protection. You have to circumvent it by renaming the file and add `.exe` to the end of the name to be able to execute it.
3. Follow the installation procedure. You basically just need to accept the licence and click "Next" on each step.
<img src="../../../images/wiki/duniter/install/win_install.png" width="503" height="387">
4. Duniter is now installed, by default it will be launched at the end of the installation. You can launch it in the Windows menus "Start > Programs > Duniter > Duniter".
<img src="../../../images/wiki/duniter/install/win_programme.png" width="271" height="58">
There is no Windows-specific version anymore.
To deploy a node on a Windows machine, there are two possibilites:
* Use [Docker](#docker)
* Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): no instructions available _yet_
# MacOS
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