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......@@ -5,8 +5,8 @@ NodeCoin is a free server-side software which allows to create new P2P crypto-cu
It is mainly inspired from [OpenUDC project](https://github.com/Open-UDC/open-udc) for that purpose, but differs defining its own open currency protocol called NCP (NodeCoin Protocol).
You can get more in NodeCoin project reading the following documents:
* [Concepts](https://github.com/c-geek/nodecoin/blob/master/doc/concepts.md)
* [Architecture](https://github.com/c-geek/nodecoin/blob/master/doc/architecture.md)
* [Concepts](https://github.com/c-geek/nodecoind/blob/master/doc/concepts.md)
* [Architecture](https://github.com/c-geek/nodecoind/blob/master/doc/architecture.md)
## Installation
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