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## v0.54.0 (XX April 2019)
### Code/tests
- Fix OutputSource and InputSource from_inline() regex matching
- Transaction document: tests and code: drop versions 2 and 3 management
- Block document: code: drop vensions 2 and 3 management
- Block document: Upgrade blocks to v11 and TX to v10
- Add OutputSource.inline_condition() method
### Other
- CI: Do not trigger build, tests, type check on modification of non-relevant files
- Makefile: use python3 module to run tests and type check
- Add coveralls as dev dependency
- add classifiers: Python versions, Intended Audience
- Add from v0.53.1
- Thanks @Moul, @vtexier
## v0.53.1 (18 April 2019)
- Implement equality `__eq__()` and `__hash__()` methods for InputSource and OutputSource classes
Thanks @Moul, @vtexier
## v0.53.0 (30 March 2019)
- To be completed…
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