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## v0.51.0 (03/04/2020)
### Features
* #798 - Complete workflow to send transaction that we can get back after one week:
* A selector allow to choose the lock condition of the output transaction
* Then, the transaction with special lock condition appears with an underline in the transaction history
* If you are the receiver, you can use the context menu action "Send as source" to send it to yourself
before the issuer get it back
* If you are the issuer, use the context menu action "Send as source" to send it to yourself after the delay
* Before the delay, you can check the lock condition in the transfer window to see the date when the transaction will be unlocked
* In Expert Mode (see Preferences), you can use any incoming transaction or dividend as source for your transfer
### Enhancement
* Add a legend for colors, italic and underlined display of transactions under transaction history
* Upgrade dependencies to duniterpy 0.57.0
### Bugs
* Fix running Qt4 lrelease in Makefile
* Fix error parsing some WSP2 Head message because software version had a prefix (duniterpy fix)
### CI/CD
* Remove obsolete runner tag
* Release job only on `master`, release_test job only on `dev` or `tags`
## v0.50.5 (21/03/2020)
### Bugs
* Fix send money to pubkey with search user selected
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