Commit 583c3d48 authored by Moul's avatar Moul Committed by Mael
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[enh] #170: cert: confirmation chart: display validity dates:

- beginning and end of validity of current certification
parent e7b6e26b
......@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@ async def send_certification(id_to_certify):
message_exit("Certification is currently been processed")
# Certification confirmation
await certification_confirmation(
issuer_id, issuer_pubkey, id_to_certify, main_id_to_certify
......@@ -109,12 +109,16 @@ async def send_certification(id_to_certify):
await client.close()
def certification_confirmation(
async def certification_confirmation(
issuer_id, issuer_pubkey, id_to_certify, main_id_to_certify
cert = list()
cert.append(["Cert", "From", "–>", "To"])
cert.append(["ID", issuer_id, "–>", main_id_to_certify["uid"]])
cert.append(["Pubkey", issuer_pubkey, "–>", id_to_certify["pubkey"]])
params = await BlockchainParams().params
cert_begins = convert_time(time(), "date")
cert_ends = convert_time(time() + params["sigValidity"], "date")
cert.append(["Valid", cert_begins, "—>", cert_ends])
echo(tabulate(cert, tablefmt="fancy_grid"))
confirm("Do you confirm sending this certification?", abort=True)
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