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Commit fc1529c0 authored by matograine's avatar matograine

[fix] #273: changing regex for PubSec authfile authentication

* use Duniterpy's regexp for authfile checking
    * former regexp would fail on legit privkeys)
    * makes Silkaj compatible with Cesiums PubSec authentication files.
* document the function auth_by_auth_file()
parent a37c49e9
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ from silkaj.tools import message_exit
from click import command, option, pass_context, confirm
from getpass import getpass
from pathlib import Path
from re import compile, search
from re import compile, search, MULTILINE
from duniterpy.key import SigningKey
from duniterpy.key.scrypt_params import ScryptParams
......@@ -60,20 +60,28 @@ def generate_auth_file(file):
def auth_by_auth_file(ctx):
Uses an auth file to generate key.
Authfile can be either:
* Seed in hexadecimal encoding
* PubSec format with public and private key in base58 encoding.
file = ctx.obj["AUTH_FILE_PATH"]
authfile = Path(file)
if not authfile.is_file():
message_exit('Error: the file "' + file + '" does not exist')
filetxt = authfile.open("r").read()
# regex for seed (hexadecimal)
regex_seed = compile("^[0-9a-fA-F]{64}$")
regex_gannonce = compile(
"^pub: [1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{43,44}\nsec: [1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{88,90}.*$"
# two RE for PubSec format
regex_pubkey = compile("pub: ([1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{43,44})", MULTILINE)
regex_signkey = compile("sec: ([1-9A-HJ-NP-Za-km-z]{87,90})", MULTILINE)
# Seed Format
if search(regex_seed, filetxt):
return SigningKey.from_seedhex_file(file)
# gannonce.duniter.org Format
elif search(regex_gannonce, filetxt):
# PubSec format
elif search(regex_pubkey, filetxt) and search(regex_signkey, filetxt):
return SigningKey.from_pubsec_file(file)
message_exit("Error: the format of the file is invalid")
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