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Commit 17cbc12f authored by Éloïs's avatar Éloïs
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fix(identity): genesis state build must be deterministic

parent 82b80fd3
......@@ -255,9 +255,13 @@ pub mod pallet {
// We need to sort identities to ensure determinisctic result
let mut identities = self.identities.clone();
identities.sort_by(|idty_val_1, idty_val_2| idty_val_1.did.cmp(&idty_val_2.did));
<IdentitiesCount<T>>::put(self.identities.len() as u64);
for idty_value in &self.identities {
for idty_value in &identities {
let idty_index = Pallet::<T>::get_next_idty_index();
if let Some(removable_on) = idty_value.removable_on {
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