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refac membership

Hugo Trentesaux requested to merge hugo-refac-membership into master

Refac membership

closes #155 (closed) as it removes pending membership
closes #156 (closed) (not entirely, the rest will be done in a separate MR on smith wot)
closes #136 (closed) (it does not link instanciable pallets but fixes the test that were added to show the unwanted behavior)

  • remove request_membership call
  • remove PendingMembership storage item
  • remove PendingMembershipsExpireOn storage item
  • remove validate_identity call from identity pallet which is redundant with claim_membership of membership pallet
  • improves IdtyStatus
  • improves RevocationReason and RemovalReason
  • split ConfirmPeriod ValidationPeriod AutorevocationPeriod DeletionPeriod
  • remove useless IdtyEvent variants
  • improves MembershipRemovalReason
  • adds CertToUnconfirmed CertToRevoked variants for duniter-wot Error
  • split DistanceEvaluationPending DistanceEvaluationNotRequested

This changes the way identity and membership pallet interact.

Edited by Hugo Trentesaux

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